The Vision

The Vision


Creating Designers Shopping Network has come from a cumulation of running my other business, Dallas Vintage Marketing and my personal passion for antiques. My other business is all about photographing and posting for antique and vintage dealers on social media websites. I have been doing this in Dallas for nearly seven years.

I have often heard from clients “if only a designer could see this, I know they would want it.” This lead me to find a way to bridge the gap between designers and sellers by creating an app. 

Antique dealers can post as much, fabulous furniture and decor as they would like into the app. Interior designers then have the ability to quickly search to find local goods, with no waiting and no shipping cost. 

It’s really beneficial for everyone in the app and community. 

Designers on the hunt for something special can easily search for local inventory.

Online Stores

We want this app full of links to all your Etsy shops, Facebook Marketplaces, Amazon, eBay Stores, Websites, etc. for interior designers to find you! 

For The Trade 

This area is designed especially those working directly with designers. Link to your showrooms here.

In the future I hope designers and sellers will post numerous special events and sales. 

Look for member perks too as we grow.


Please join me in my effort to support our local antique, vintage and mid century shops and malls while gathering beautiful things for your clients 

homes and offices.