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How it works

Antique stores and malls, vintage and mid century furniture stores and dealers we hope you will all join us in this new and exciting community, designed to bring you together with the worlds best designers.

We know you wish you could get more people, especially designers to see your furniture or that unique antique you scored! If only a designer saw it, you know it would be the perfect accent for any fabulous room and they would want it. Well here’s your chance to show them all your best stuff! 

Post are easy to uploaded right from your phone. 

Post an unlimited number items. 

We want this site to be full of quality furniture and decor for designers! We are bringing designers and antique stores together to meet and share a passion, a love for vintage, mid century and antiques. 

Designers from across the country are joining in!  

We also have international designers!

We are building a community to bring together the worlds best designers and antique dealers. 

We hope you will join in!

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What it cost

$4.99 A Month / $54.99 A Year or $249.09 Lifetime Memership

All Memberships Are For An Unlimited Number Of Post!

Your items will remain posted in the app at no additional charge until they are sold and removed by you. No additional fees, no commissions. 

You must maintain a monthly membership to have your items here. 

Yearly and Lifetime Memberships are also Available.

Antique, Vintage and Mid Century Stores

Designers contact you directly by phone or email to discuss price, ask questions and to purchase. 

The choice of how you want to be contacted is up to you. It's your choice to add an email or telephone number or both. Add your stores address and a map populates automatically for you.

You can include links o your website or social media accounts. 

Upload multiple photos or videos of your items. 

It is requested you remove an item when it is sold. We'd like to  have only currently available inventory posted in the app for designers to be able to show their clients.

Online Stores and Showrooms

Link directly to your online shop or website to be seen by the worlds best interior designers. Also include links to all your social media accounts.

$4.99 A Month / $54.99 A Year or $249.09 Lifetime Memership

Yearly and Lifetime Memberships are also Available